Derivative work guidelines


ViSTAR Co., Ltd. (DolLive) (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) has established guidelines so that everyone can enjoy fan activities and secondary creative activities with peace of mind. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Thank you.

Scope of derivative work

The company does not claim copyright infringement for derivative works as long as it complies with these guidelines.
In addition, if you comply with this guideline, you do not need to make individual inquiries when creating our content. However, we are not responsible for any troubles caused by derivative works.

  • If a company engages in derivative works or fan activities for commercial purposes, please contact us individually from Contact.
  • Derivative works may be used as thumbnails by affiliated talents for live distribution, video distribution, etc., and may be taken up in SNS activities. Please note.
  • Please contact us individually for monetization of clipping videos.
  • For job requests to your rivals, please contact us individually from Contact. Please refrain from making comments regarding the request in the comments section during the live distribution of the rivers.


Please consider the feelings of the talent you belong to and refrain from creative activities that make the talent feel uncomfortable.
I would like it within the scope of coterie activities and hobbies.

Prohibited matter

・ What is recognized as a commercial purpose
・ A company with legal personality. Secondary creative activities by an organization or secondary creative activities that exceed the judgment criteria of this guideline.
・ A company that is in the name of an individual but has legal personality.
・ Direct secondary use of things that can be misunderstood or misunderstood as official and spoofed or official (illustration, logo mark, video, audio, music, etc.)
・ Things that are offensive to public order and morals (including antisocial expressions)
・ Those that include specific ideas, beliefs, religious or political content
・ Infringement of trademark rights, copyrights, portrait rights and other rights, and applicable acts
・ Those that significantly damage the image of the talent, our company or our content
・ Those that damage the honor and dignity of a third party, or those that infringe the rights of a third party
・ Other items that we deem inappropriate

We have the ultimate right to interpret the guidelines.
The contents of the guidelines are subject to change without notice.
Please note that we are not responsible for any damage caused by the revision of the guidelines or derivative works.

Established on March 01, 022